New idea for watching soccer games in Japanese markets

    It is a brilliant new service for all Japanese sport fans — S-Goal,which is produced by the Samsung Group.

     In Japanese, “S” is the first letter of the Sakkā, which is the sport of soccer. In addition, compared most people’s consideration of grade “A”,  ”S” represents “Super” in Japanese mind. Therefore, we give the name of our service as “S-Goal”.  Because of this service, Japanese audiences have the opportunity to enjoy soccer anywhere and anytime with super real experiences than ever before.

     Thanks to the nano-camera created by Samsung and stuck on players’ sport uniform.

    As long as audiences download the Apps and become members of the S-Goal, viewers can watch the game from the visual angle of their favorite soccer star via their S-Goal account on different devices, such as TV, tablet or even smart phone. Further more, viewers can switch their visual angle from the player A to the player B anytime. For example, consumers can lock on a midfield player as they “pass” the ball or lock on a striker like they “score a goal” and celebrate with home crowd, as if are on the soccer court as the real players. S-Goal also offers the second option for sport fans with convenience. If audiences just want to enjoy the game without switching to the players, they can choose the “ Auto” model, which means the visual angle will be locked on the player who is closest to the ball.

The service’s slogan is :”Reach the Game, Reach the Goal.”

    First of all, with our special service, audiences can really reach the game wholeheartedly as they are on the soccer court from players’ cameras. Additionally, we want to give a new concept to our consumers: Reach the Goal. In the game, they can experience the score by locking on strikers. In reality, as long as they can enjoy life as they enjoy soccer with passion and love, they can also reach their goal no matter for the career or the family, and this is the main value of our S-Goal service.

    We will show our slogan by banner and billboard on soccer court. We try to tell our primary target market that it is the time to change the way for enjoying the game while they are watching the match by traditional TV. Besides, spending money on HD sport channels and sport websites for advertising our slogan is another way to promote the new service. We want to show the target that besides the traditional way to watch the game, you have a smarter approach to really experience soccer with their favorite player and it is the time to go for it.

   For the goal of the company,  needless to say that Samsung has great anticipation for the project of the S-Goal .The enterprise wants to improve the popularity of Nanometer camera by S-Goal service before other Japanese hi-tech companies such as Sony have the same technology and take the market share. Another mission is to stick the label on this new camera with “made by Samsung”. It could help the company to easily access other sport besides soccer in the future. For instance, once we get success in soccer courts, the next step is to go to the basketball and football court in the U.S. The ultimate objective of the company is to change audiences’ traditional way of watching sport games by Samsung’s Nano camera. As a result, the company definitely will take huge of advantages from this new consumption model.

    In the future, consumers can enjoy different sports followed by their favorite stars with the merit of Samsung ’s innovation. Exactly like the slogan said “Reach the Game, Reach the Goal”.

You can image the situation by the commercial video, but remember that it gonna be a reality!


Black Friday in United State

Black Friday is just on the corner , before we are going to shopping with dizzy discount in the Mall, lets talk a look what the Black Friday is.


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What do people do?

Many people have a day off work or choose to take a day from their quota of annual leave on Black Friday. Some people use this to make trips to see family members or friends who live in other areas or to go on vacation. Others use it to start shopping for the Christmas season.

Shopping for Christmas presents is also popular on Black Friday. Many stores have special offers and lower their prices on some goods, such as toys.

Public life

Black Friday is not a federal holiday, but is a public holiday in some states. Many people take a day of their annual leave on the day after Thanksgiving Day. Many organizations also close for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Public transit systems may run on their normal schedule or may have changes. Some stores extend their opening hours on Black Friday. There can also be congestion on roads to popular shopping destinations.


Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days in the USA. There are two popular theories as to why the day after Thanksgiving Day is called Black Friday. One theory is that the wheels of vehicles in heavy traffic on the day after Thanksgiving Day left many black markings on the road surface, leading to the term Black Friday.

The other theory is that the term Black Friday comes from an old way of recording business accounts. Losses were recorded in red ink and profits in black ink. Many businesses, particularly small businesses, started making profits prior to Christmas. Many hoped to start showing a profit, marked in black ink, on the day after Thanksgiving Day.

Anyway, hope each of you could find your favorite product with big deal, but remember, make sure the stuff is necessary for you before you swipe the card. 

How to bring benefits from all over the world with the help of social media.

    With the development of cyber world, there is no room for doubt that social media gradually plays an important role for business. Markers can take huge advantages from social media especially for online international marketing because the company can promote their products to potential costumers and then interact with them by loyalty. Besides, thanks for the internet, there is no more limit for geographical problems any more. Due to this reason, online marketing can lead marketers bring benefits from all over the world with the help of social media.

    However, as for making business online oversea, the marketer needs to make decision very carefully because it is all depend on the circumstance of the certain country.

click here to read more about 2013 social media event

Click here to read more about 2013 social media event

1.        Firstly, choosing the right social media in term of your target marking.

For most of all, as long as talk about social media, the first one pop up in their mind is Facebook. Admittedly, Facebook has more than 800 million monthly active users and it is almost accessible all over the world. Therefore, many marketers may arbitrarily decide use Facebook as their social media for business. However, this website is not as popular as in the U.S. in some countries such as Russia and even being blocked by Chinese government. In China, only few people can log on Facebook by virtual private network,but along with taking the risk of violating Chinese internet policy. However, it doesn’t mean there is no room for operating social media in China, Chinese has their own version of Facebook as well as tweeter. We call them as Weibo and RenRen. Based on data from Alexa, WeiBo’s traffic ranked top 10 in China and even higher then Google. It still provide marketers with lots of chances for online marketing.  If we just focus on the area of marketing instead of being annoyed by political issue, we would realize that those Chinese version social media, just prove that the tendency of online marking cannot be prohibited by anymore. It is a intrinsic demand from both marketer and marketing. Besides, even in the country that Facebook can be assessable by users, marketer also need to consider whether or not their certain target are big fan for Facebook. For instance, even though Linkedln is not the top one social media, the users are strong among forerunners in media and technology, and compare to Facebook’s user who are more likely college students, this group of people have much higher income and social class. In a word, for the first step of choosing social media, a good online marketer need to carefully make decision based on the situation of certain country and their market.

2.        Secondly, language.

     After selecting the perfect social media, we don’t need to edit the content of our page in hurry, because we have to decide which language is available for majority of the market. I don’t how many of you know that what language is the official one in Brazil, but at least I have no idea Portuguese is their mother language. What’s more, most European do understand English but they still prefer their own language. Therefore, another critical mission for marketer is that which language should be the carrier for the website, otherwise people cannot understand it no matter how perfect of the product. My own experience is that I have known Spanish is so popular in New York until I arrive here and they even have their own language channels on TV. If I become a businessman and want to improve market share in New York with social media, I would just greet a Hola at the front page of my website.  Language is a bridge, setting up an acceptable language at first, and then you can promote your product through the bridge.

3.        Third one, optimize for mobile.

smartphones are now very popular device used to browser social media, and according to the 2013 Yellow Social Media Report, smartphones even over take laptop and desktop computer for the first time ever.  One of the benefit of online marketing is that people can browser the product or keep in touch with other anytime and anywhere with social media, compare to personal computer, mobile device including tablet or smart phone is more portable and convenient.  If you are taking subway or wait for bus or dinner at restaurant, almost everyone is holding a smartphone for killing time. All above tell marketer that they need to pay more attention on mobile device especially for smartphone. However, browsing something with smartphone is quite different with the experience with the laptop or desk computer due to the smaller scene and limited data package. With particular css and lighter content of your web can help you solve this problem.

4.        Try to get positive comments as much as possible.

Comparing those exaggerated advertising, people more likely to trust their own friend or others opinion rather than the company itself. For example, more than 70 percent Australians read other consumers opinions and discussions about brands online. It is a reasonable behavior for consumers not only for Aussie, but all over the world especially for E-commerce. Few people buy something on Amazon without considering others comments for the product. At least I always read them carefully in order to won’t be cheated online, because costumers are more cautiously than go to physical store where they could try product on person. Due to this reason, marketers have to gain more endorsements or positive opinion. It is not a easy job because the praises are result from good quality of the goods. As for negative suggestions, marketers cannot rashly filter them, on the contrary, try to figure out the reason of negative commends and then solve the problem with effort. They need to know how to transfer the grade from D to A plus.

5.        Well schedule for the content on homepage.

  The company can take the advantage of the dynamic website, they can update or post new information for promoting their product anytime. However, the question of ” when ” is worth every marketer to think about. It is obvious the influence of posting news at mid night is much less than 6pm to 10pm in most countries.  Marketers need to keep costumers’ eyes as soon as possible instead of overnight. Consider that Apple releases IOS 7 system in the noon and then after couple of hours people can see the detail on its homepage in the afternoon when people are free from business, which is the best time for consumers to take a look what is going on. However, as a online marketers who want to promote new product in other country, time difference is a big issue which cannot be ignored.

How to deal with the food scandal of KFC in a management way ( Part 2)

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As I said, outside and inside of KFC also face serious problems and let us deal with outside at first. In external of living system, there is no room for doubt that suppliers are so vital especially for a restaurant company like KFC. But we also need to know that besides companies, the government also has to take responsibility to supervise quality and safety at first step. But in China, there are at least three departments such as hygiene department, business administration and inspection department to do this job together. Therefore each department is likely to pass the buck ,which results in some unhealthy food escapes into the marketplace.  However, the problem of government doesn’t mean KFC cannot cooperate with them to strengthen pollution control for suppliers, KFC should consider and fully understand Chinese culture just like we mentioned on class at first. Compared with Western, Chinese people tend to give ambiguous answers rather than clearly points out where is the problem, so that they can have room for fix up their answer or even avoid to take responsibility. If KFC really understand Chinese culture like that way, they should fore their manager to ask clear answer from department after they examination every suppliers whether it’s qualified or not. What’s more, after crisis happened, company also has to give an explicitly solution as soon as possible to public.

Besides external environmental system, internal environmental system is much more important. There are some ways for operation to improve its external system. At here we focus on” immune system” at first. Just as its name implies, for an organization, immune system means how effective a company can prevent crisis occurred or exterminate it when problem just happened, and for strategic level, company need to pay attention as much as marketing department. For example, the company should grant more financial support and authority for its self-inspection department. As long as finding the problem from suppliers or other important food resources , the director of this department has right to cut off the food suppliers immediately and directly

Compared with layers of reporting, this way can save lots of time so that narrowing the negatively influence. What’s more, in immune system, cooperating with other immune organs is also important to prevent damage from outside. Therefore, KFC need to make sure that there will be a high effective channel of communication between self-inspection department and others department as well as thousands of restaurants. For example, after the officers found out problem of food and cut it off, they should share this information with all of the restaurants within 3 days and force those contaminated chickens pulling off from kitchen. At the same time, according to how serious of the problem, the high level officer also need to well know every detail from the hot-line from self-inspect department. All of that are like blood system in body and the only word we focus on is “fluency”.

To be hones, I think that “ brain “ should be considered as part of living system because it focus on making decision, which controls the situation of all living system. If KFC want to prevent this scandal anymore, the priority is improve the status of self-inspect department and give them more power as I mentioned last paragraph. And this is the decision that “ brain”, which is top officer such as CEO need to make at first. We divide this scandal into three parts: beforehand, in progress and afterwards. Self-inspect department take responsibility for part one, better channel of communication try to minimize result during part two, and “ brain” try to make a optimal solutions to meet the demands of unique situations. No matter how careful you are, there are still some unexpected problems happen, but the company also can fix it up with better solution that decided by “ brain”. Obviously, KFC didn’t understand this organizational system at least they cannot learn a lesson from last accident of “Sudan Red” with the key function of brain” memory. According to theory of “Brain”, KFC need to remember it and not to repeat it again. Unfortunately, it occurred again and even more serious. My idea about that is the company has to build a collection system, and through this system to collect every symptom and factors that have ever leaded crisis and then distribute this report to every employees by effective communication channel to prevent it happened again.

How to deal with the food scandal of KFC in a management way ( Part 1)


KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ) as an “ American icon” is the world’s second largest restaurant chain just after McDonald’s. The first KFC branch started in China in 1987, after 25 years it already has more than 4000 restaurants and become the most popular subsidiary of “Yum! Brands”,a restaurant company that also owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, in Chinese market.

However, after Chinese government food safety agencies reported that two of Yum Brand’s chicken used excessive levels of antibiotics, KFC’s sale has dropped 37%.  Actually, this is not the first time that KFC has involved in food scandal in China, as early as 2005, Yum pulled some products from its KFC restaurants due to it contained “ Sudan Red “ in chicken’s ingredients, which could lead to an increased risk of cancer. However, if I use the knowledge that I have learned about several metaphors from mgt207 and analyse those incidents deeply, we can get a answer of what is the trigger and how the company to prevent it happened again.

First of all, the metaphor that I know from the first time in the class is “ machine”. There is no room for doubt that as one of the largest restaurant, KFC’s success has strong relationship with strengths of Machine view of the organization, for example, it has a very clear separation of duties from Chief Executive to normal servers and provide each of employee even including janitor with manual about how to treat customer gently.  However, the machine view also brings some weakness which lead to the serious scandal accident to some extent. For example, with the name of “ fast food”, the machine view discourages employees’ initiative and encourages efficiency over quality. In order to keep adequately food material to bring more benefits and reduce growth cycle as well as mortality, the restaurant use the chicken that had been injected harmful hormone and antibiotics from KFC’s food provider. Compared with the profits they received by this, they are subjected to much more criticism and great losses which reflected by stock market. In a word, they should optimize its machine, to operate it on order but not bureaucratist.

In this case, there are two key factors that leads the scandal, the problem of supplier from outside and company’s respond from inside. It just like the view of internal and external environments of organizations. Instead of a machine, which is more likely stubborn bureaucratism, living system made up of parts which can adapt and change. It emphasizes differentiation of each part of organization such as circulatory system in body. Just like a human, as long as this circulatory system, which including outside as well inside, works well, the organization could positively develop into market. However we already know that as a key factor of outside living system, suppliers became a trigger for the scandal and as for inside, KFC cannot  give an well-pleasing apology to customers with the help of their communication patterns. Therefore, ignoring living system to build organization is one of reason makes KFC fall into scandal.

Third, according to the class, there is another term about organization,” the organization as brain”, which means that whether or not an organization can truly make intelligent, “optimizing” decisions. Obviously, this time we need to focus on the key word of “ decision”.  Let’s return to the example of KFC, after food scandal happened, even company made an apology but it also declared that due to there is no requirement for company to submit self-check result and release it to public, KFC has no intention to cheat on customers, and they also clamed that the scandal was just a misunderstanding rather than a nasty accident. From customer’s opinion, this announcement is more like the company passing the buck.  I already mentioned that this is not the first time that KFC sink into food scandal, but from this apology, we can easily see the company cannot apply a quick solution that are readily available from past experiences to solve structured problems, which is the point of programmable decision. In my opinion, the metaphor of brain is a great way for KFC to optimize its organization and prevent the scandal like that happen again or reduce the damage due to crisis, I will explain it deeply later.

Besides, as a global restaurant, KFC need to deal with the problem and organization as a culture. Not only customers but also local employee have different view about cultural core values such as social responsibility or customer service based on the place where they live. Actually in some country such as China or India, how to cooperate with local government and social media is also a very important class for global company. From the KFC’s case, I think the company have enough time to avoid those harmful chicken provided by supplier or at least cut it off and replace them as soon as possible before Chinese food safety agencies release it in public. All in all, those global company need to know how to train their local employees and cooperate with local government based on different culture and tradition.

As famous restaurant in the world, it has own standard of food hygiene and professional food safety detector, and according to that piece of apology, they known the problem after self-checking,but why this scandal still happened and leads a serious problem for the company? There much be some problem of “ psychic prison”, which is a new important metaphor in organization. After staff who worked for self-checking department found out the problem about supplier, whether or not insist to report it to director. And as long as the director get the negative report, whether or not decide to change problematic suppliers rather than avoid to face this serious problem with defense mechanisms. What is more, there is no room for doubt that after this scandal happened, customers would lost their confidence about KFC and with lower and lower number of people entering a store as well as criticize, even KFC’s own employees such as servers would loss their former motivation. Also, if we focus on higher-level staffs such as members of boards, what are they motivation to operate a huge global company like KFC. In Maslow’s theory, there are five levels of the need hierarchy, the first one is physiological needs, and as a company, this kind of needs present company’s willing for getting more profit, but as a famous company, it also have to pay more attention on recognition or respect from others which is “Esteem” in this hierarchy, or even the highest level, self-actualization, which includes contribution to society. From KFC’s scandal, using unsafe but lowered price food material for their fried chicken suggests that they just reach level one, try to get revenue from customers. Those higher-class are lacking of considering Maslow’s need hierarchy of esteem and self-actualiztion, make KFC lost customer’s respect and then leads lots of loss in market.

So far, I already analyse 5 reasons that about how fault of organization negatively effects KFC’s reputation in market based on all metaphors. Then, it is time for us to fix up and optimize the company’s organization with the help of followed metaphors: living system. In my opinion, bring system also could be seen as a vital part of living , therefore I will combine them together.

My thought of the advertising of Chobani

We have already seen the video of Chobani’s advertising. I have something to say about it and there is my idea which as followed. 


Ad analysis

From the aspect of market share, there is no doubt that the Greek yogurt market is

more and more competitive recently, Chobani does a good job and takes about 16.4%

yogurt share this year. However, We cannot ignore other powerful competitors such as

Dannon and Yoplait, which takes 27.8% and 25.8% market shares respectively according

to the data from the latest survey. The data told us the Chobani need to keep its current

costumers as well as try to appeal more new people by the quality and the value of the

We view the yogurt as an industry of grocery. For those inexpensive products,

people more likely to evaluate it by feeling or other subject impression instead of

searching more information such as price during the advertising. Therefore, yogurt’s

advertising doesn’t need to have more digital information, besides those price adverting

can even increase people’s sensitivity of the price. For this reason, emotional and visual

elements are more adaptable for the brand because it could enhance preference and attract

We can take above analysis as a guilder and to see whether or not this advertising has

matched all the recommendations that we just gave.

Firstly, there are no much numbers, but the “Real” is especially frequent word in

the whole video. The reason is simple, If you go to the homepage of Chobani, the first

sentence pop up in your eyes is their slogan:Go Real. Just like Hamid , the CEO

and president of the company said, “Chobani started with the simple goal to make

nutritious and delicious yogurt accessible to everyone.”

Think deeply, according to the theory of marking, real is ” attribute” of the product, the

consequence is should be healthy diet and then the better life is the value. The mission of

the advertising is to bring people a sense of better life by the attribute of real yogurt.

In the consumer’s behavior, this is the theory of classical condoning. Unconditioned

Stimulus is those enjoyable pictures and music in the video. Neutral Stimulus is Chbani’s

real yogurt, and result in people’s positive respond of better life. The goal of the director

is to make strong relationship between the product and better life style, as long as

consumers see the yogurt on shelf in the supermarket, they would recall that beautiful

view and then select the brand automatically.

Let’s see how maker of the video show us the better life with really yogurt by several

Firstly, sharing. You can see the picture of sharing many times, kids share the yogurt

with pet, youth share yogurt with friend, lady share yogurt with family and senior share

yogurt with the partner. Meanwhile you can see the smile of their faces and it means

besides delicious, they also share the happiness with each other. There is a word in

Chinese, enjoy oneself is not as joyful as having a good time with many friends together.

Therefore, I think what the director want to say is that if you consider Chobani is your

favorite yogurt, why don’t you let others know and share the delicious as well as the

Secondly, Vitality. As greek yogurt, the company wants people view it as an image

of healthy life style, but the term of health is hard to be measured in the video. For this

reason, the best way to express the idea of healthy is to show the pictures of vitality to

viewers and this is exactly what Chobani did. You can see different kinds of sport in the

video, jogging, biking ,swimming or dancing . The advertising wants people feel the

positive energy and combine it strongly with the brand.

Thirdly, Diversity. For a good advertising, it should directly target its market and show

the basic information of the product. I think the company did this job by the term of

diversity. The different range of age from kids , youth to senior ,which means the market

of yogurt is accessible to everyone, meaning Chobani can always be your best choice no

matter how old you are. Another diversity is the color. Even though one of the slogans

in the video is ” real is simple”, it doesn’t mean the adverting has to be sterile. It is easy

to find out the color of clothes for each people is different although they are not that

bright. For instance you can see pink dress on kids, purple swim suit on ladies, blue shirt

on boys and so on. Such diversity just presents various flavors of the yogurt because the

video also shows different flavor’s yogurt by multiple package. All in all, the adverting is

going to say that more choices of the yogurt, more colorful life in the world.

Last but not least, the music is also the key part of the whole video. The name of the

song is ” beauty in the world”, which is the same as what the value that company want

to send to costumers: better life. If listen carefully, the most frequent lyric is “There is

beauty in the world”, and there is no need for me to stress how beauty of the melody of

the song. No matter from eyes or ear, you always can repeatedly feel the better life form

In a conclusion, this adverting is very impressive. People can really resonate it with

emotional pictures, and deeply understand the benefit from the yogurt through its real

attribute as well as the positive value of better life.